To design a minimal brand identity that communicates the program's core values of creativity, culture, travel, and education while setting it apart from similar offerings in the market. 

The brand identity is embodied in a carefully settled logotype, a visual representation that artfully plays with key photography elements: focus, framing, and perspective. This design is a deliberate communication of creativity, encouraging participants to view culture through a lens that transcends conventional sight. 
The intricacies of the logotype stimulate a fresh and innovative outlook and incorporate the essence of the program. The minimalistic design, laden with symbolism, is an artistic invitation to explore the boundaries of vision, creativity, culture, and travel while harnessing the power of perspective and encapsulating the ethos of Culture Focus.
Designed to challenge and inspire photography enthusiasts, the Culture Focus program helps participants develop technical skills by offering guided or self-guided international tours and workshops in the vibrant cities of Arles, Paris and Berlin. While immersing participants in the local culture, the program inspires them to view the world with a fresh perspective, highlighting the beauty of often-overlooked moments.
Client — Culture Focus
Brand Identity — Ology Creative
Creative Direction — Rodney Bacelar
Supervision– Natalie Sparkman
Design – Rodney Bacelar


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