​​​​​​2020 | Awarded Branding concept
This project was part of a school program developed in the Graphic Design course at the Australian Pacific College. It also integrated an exposition organised by the school team to name the best projects created by the students. The Fly project was awarded in the Graphic Design category as a Design in Excellence, chosen by a vote among the more than 50 published projects. All exposition participants were students enrolled in creative courses from all school campuses around Australia.
​​​Fly is a fictional parkour association based in Melbourne that provides parkour guidance, practice, and training services. The classes and workshops go beyond the moves, aiming to help people through parkour's safe practice. Trainers push everyone beyond their comfort zone by working on physical and mental strength. The association is known for having a solid urban culture and for innovating in training and teaching methods.

To develop a brand with a personality that could dialogue with its audience, bringing authenticity and exploring experiences to make people fearless and more active.

The concept applied in the process of design aimed to empower attitudes that could boost living new experiences by exploring urban spaces and new cultures. Therefore, the brand was developed to transmit a youth, adventurous and pioneer spirit, setting a unique manner of connecting to each person's physical and mental strengths.

energetic | creative | young | urban | underground | motion | disciplined | strong | inspiring | brave | adventurous


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