High costs and an unstable economic market have resulted in many property developers going bankrupt and creating insecurity among buyers interested in purchasing off-the-plan properties. 
In such a scenario, the Freeman Group, which had yet to design its logo, realised it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate its established market position and credibility in fulfilling customer commitments.

Develop a solid visual identity highlighting years of history in Melbourne's property development market.

Freeman Group was formed to showcase the company's strength through its name. The new name brought more credibility to the brand. The visual communication strategy employed minimalism in a modern way, using simple typography to convey the group's commitment to fulfilling its promises and building customer confidence.
Brand Identity by Ology Creative
Client — Freeman Group
Creative Direction — Rodney Bacelar
Supervision– Natalie Sparkman
Design – Rodney Bacelar
UI Design – Rodney Bacelar


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